ClearVu Invisible Wall represents breakthrough for security technology

With the introduction of the ClearVu Invisible Wall to the market almost a decade ago, Cochrane pioneered the world’s most advanced physical perimeter security barrier.

With over 40 design a patent rights reflecting ClearVu’s engineering and technological superiority, ClearVu has substantial benefits, making it the most secure, most attractive, most durable, competitively-priced fencing solution available.

Innovative features include high density, high tensile mesh apertures that are too narrow for finger and footholds, which prevents climbing or cutting with standard tools.

From a distance, the horizontal wire rods virtually disappear and clear visibility through the mesh allows for increased safety in that activity within and outside the perimeter can be observed. This also allows for an aesthetically-pleasing design that enhances the appearance of a well-designed facility.

Cochrane’s Rock Rigid system employs a few simple modifications to a welded mesh sheet to increase panel rigidity by 90%. 


Advanced coating technology gives each panel and post a lifespan of up to 25 years under normal conditions.

Other system features include:

  • 30-degree or 90-degree pressed arrow straight edges for Cochrane Anti-Scale
  • Reinforced ribs make heavy support bearers redundant
  • Locking post with 48-line wire connection: internal fixtures are hidden from view and protected from attack
  • System provides a flush panel post finish.

The ClearVu system is modular, scalable, upgradeable and easy to maintain. From nuclear and oil & gas facilities to highly stylised architectural installations, ClearVu’s visual appeal and total risk mitigation have seen the product implemented to protect the most diverse range of assets and facilities imaginable in over 140 markets worldwide.

ClearVu is approved as a Category III type fencing system and complies with specifications as detailed for National Key Points and by police advisory services.